Fine Art Engagement Session |  Atlanta, GA | Piedmont Park

Jaime and Armand are the funnest couple to work with!  Jaime has this ecstatic and bubbly personality, and it balances so well with Armand's, who *tries to be the serious one! After spending just a couple of minutes with them you can tell how obviously in love they are with one another-just a match made in heaven as the saying goes.  Jaime wanted something different for their engagement pictures, so she decided for them to wear their workout clothes.  How fun!  Her make up ran a little late, so it cut our session short, but we still managed to get a lot of creative images in the time we had left.  Below is a small sampling of the shots we created from silhouettes to traditional imagery to in camera double exposures.  In particular, the in camera double exposures were important for me to create for them.  They both have a deep love for Atlanta, GA, so I wanted to make something that ties them to that wonderful city. Atlanta is always with them, and they are always with Atlanta no matter where they are in the world.   I just love how the flowering part of the tree fell within Jaime's body in the nature one!  Total accident, but definitely symbolic and awesome!