Fine Art Bridal Session Greenville, SC + Luxury Wedding Photography Lancaster, SC

Kristy said "I want something different. I want a waterfall for my Bridal Portrait." I was already hooked on this chick before I met her in person! We had a few more conversations about what she wanted, and we found Fall's Park in Greenville, SC online. We traveled down there together to scout the location, and when we finally saw this waterfall running right through downtown Greenville we just knew that this was it! It was perfect!
I consider myself a Fine Art Wedding Photographer for a reason. There is value beyond what is seen, there is meaning beyond what is shown, and part of my job is taking your wishes and utilizing my ideas & vision to orchestrate the most beautiful photos ever for you! When I contemplate marriage I think of words like perpetual, continual, ever-flowing, and never stopping, so it was extremely important to me to capture Kristy in front of a moving/flowing waterfall. Stopping the motion just didn't seem right! As you can see I was also able to capture some movement of her and movement of just her wedding dress to mimic the flow of the waterfall. This Bridal Session was taken years ago now, and it is still one of my favorite artistic creations.
Kristy is a nurse, and a giving spirit is her nature. She is one of the most beautiful and loving brides I've met in the course of my career. She has a deep love for her daughter, her husband, her family, and her patients. I am in awe of her patience and compassion as well as her outward beauty.