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Stunning & Artistic Bridal Photos at Any Location

Photographers are magicians. Every wedding there will be all sorts of challenges from time constraints to rain, and we absolutely HAVE to provide successful photography no matter what. Many times locations can pose a bit of an issue, and there is nothing you can do about the location. However, you CAN do something with the light. As a photographer, you are a writer or drawer of light, so being able to manipulate the light is the most important thing.

Here is an example of a beautiful bride in a beautiful dress in a not-so-beautiful location. Full disclosure, we did some mock dressing pictures at the Hotel Florence before arriving at the church, but I still wanted to get her an artistic bridal portrait in the church she was getting married in as well.

charleston savannah florence wedding photographer

The church Jaime got married in was gorgeous, but it is common for churches to have brides and grooms get dressed in children's Bible study rooms. In many situations there isn't much that can be done as far as "fixing" the room. You may be able to move some furniture around, but you certainly don't want to take the kids' artwork off the walls! Here is what I did:

1.) I turned off the light.

2.) I angled my on camera flash at 90 degrees to the left side of the camera facing the wall to add a little definition.

3.) I used a higher ISO, so there wouldn't be too much shadow on the right side.

4.) I posed the bride to fill the frame and get rid of distractions.

5.) I used the natural window light coming in from behind her, and an on camera flash to achieve this look.

If we had to capture ALL of her dressing pictures here, and we didn't do her mock dressing pictures at the hotel, I would've moved some furniture around and utilized a snoot most likely. Here is an example of the location as is.

If you aren't a photographer, could you imagine that these 2 pictures were done in the same location?!?!

Thanks for reading everyone!


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