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Misty, the Abused. Misty, the Rescued. Misty, the Loved.

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Misty had been crated and abused for a little over 2 years. Her 3rd year wasn't much better being stuck in a cage in the shelter.

She has had a broken rib, and her little "elbows" are raw from sleeping on concrete.

"He is your friend,

your partner,

your defender,

your dog.

You are his life,

his love,

his leader.

He will be yours,

faithful and true,

to the last beat of his heart.

You owe to him

to be worthy

of such devotion." - Unknown

My daughter turned 15 last week, and it has been her dream since she was a little girl to have a dog. She had the option of getting a puppy or a rescue from the pound, and she chose to go with a rescue. That speaks to the heart of this beautiful daughter of mine.

She surveyed all the dogs, and even though she originally said she was going to get a smaller dog, she chose Misty. My daughter is an empath, and she can know the deep things about people even after just brief encounters. I now think that extends to animals, or at least dogs, as well.

As we take Misty to the office in the pound, we are told how Misty had been abused. They, of course, gave us the option of choosing another pet for our household. They told us some tips on dealing with abused dogs, we filled out the paperwork, got the shot records, and we were on our way.

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When Misty arrived at our house her tail was tucked securely between her legs, and she stayed right by my side, scared, not knowing what to think or expect. We never heard a single bark for the first week. After that week, she was exploring the house, wagging her tail, and begging for food. After the second week, she began doing the little "dog dance" dogs do, just happy to see us, tongue out, slobbering. And now at the third week, she has begun running and jumping! She will be a happy, regular dog soon enough! In a couple of weeks I think we will be ready to start training her.

I am not a "dog person". I am a bird person, a cat person, a snake person. I've never liked dogs, because I have a very strong sense of smell. I can smell a clean dog a mile away. In addition to that, I like my own space, and dogs don't have any idea about space. Dogs jumping on way!!


I've found a new piece in my heart that I didn't know existed. After the first few hours I was in love with Misty. I don't know if her being abused has anything to do with that, but it probably does. I make exceptions for her. My heart goes out to her. I actually enjoy walking her and petting her. I even took a shower WITH her, because water scares her so much haha! I truly love Misty, and I'm so glad she is part of our household!

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Our new member of the family is such a joy, and look how pretty she is!

Misty the rescued and loved!


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