Rolling Hill Farms Wedding Photography | Monroe, NC

Sarah & Chase's Wedding was elegant and simple meets southern chic!  They were wed at Rolling Hill Farms in Monroe, NC.  They chose the perfect spot for their dreamy outdoor wedding, and they both definitely chose the right person! They are both firecrackers and just so in love!  I'm getting misty eyed just typing this, because their 1 year wedding anniversary is coming up this month!


The bridesmaids in this wedding made it one of my most memorable of 2016.  The Bride and her bridesmaids were all former cheerleaders in High School, so they would just periodically break out in cheers over anything and everything!  They even cheered me on during their preparation pictures!  I try my hardest to capture all of the most important moments that can transpire on a wedding day.  At times I can be very quiet and unobtrusive-just the person on the sidelines taking everything in.  Well, they started noticing when things would happen and ask to see the back of my camera.  At first it could be a small squeal of excitement, "OMG she got that shot" and later on turned into a chorus of cheerleaders just so excited over the capturing of the candids!  WOW! I never knew how important cheerleaders were on game day.  I wish they could be there every wedding day! They even hoisted Sarah up on their shoulders in her wedding dress. 


Chase's groomsmen were equally as outgoing-just a fun group to be around! 


Jennifer + Scott

The Brakefield at The Riverwalk | Rock Hill, SC